Current Projects:

  • Russian classes for children
    [ started on February 11, 2008 ]
  • Establishment of a free conseling center for migrants
    [ started on  April 1, 2008 ]
  • Opening of a Social Bookstore in Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg
    [ started on March 10, 2008 ]
  • Art classes for children
    [ started on September 1, 2009 ]
  • Internship offers for 6th graders
    [ started in 2013 ]

Planned Projects:

  • “FarbTonSPIEL – 3 Teile zu einem Ganzen” (FarbTonSPIEL – 3 parts of a whole)
    Our joint project was developed with the BUF- Bildungseinrichtung für berufliche Umschulung und Fortbildung (BUF Educational Institution for Vocational Retraining and Further Education) and Mr. Stepan Gantralyan, a theater director, acting teacher & painter. It is a multicultural project, where theatre, musical and painting projects are developed and performed by children and teenages to form an intercultural ensemble.
    Here we have submitted an application for project funding in funding pillar 1 for 2014/2015 to the Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung (Berlin Project Fund for Cultural Education).
  • Project on the intercultural, low-threshold offer for integration and participation of migrants in Pankow
    Here we have submitted an application for approval of a grant/funding to the district Frauen- und Migrant/-Innenprojekte (Women’s and Migrant Projects) in Pankow in 2014.
  • “Multikulturelle Weg-BILDUNG” – Opportunities against exclusion
    Project to strengthen Diversity, Participation & Integration
    Here we have submitted our application documents for funding from the Berliner Partizipations- und Integrationsprogramm (Berlin Participation and Integration Program) in 2014/2015.
  • Support for the Opening of a Social Store for disadvantaged citizens
  • Support of the children’s home in the Republic of Georgia