Larissa BurmeisterThis project was started on February 11, 2008.  A Russian language course for children between 6-10 years is offered once a week by the primary school teacher Larissa Burmeister. As a qualified teacher, she has seven years of professional experience in Russia (teaching Russian, Mathematics, Science and Physical Education) and also taught at a private school. She has two years of professional experience as a teacher in Berlin as well. Currently she works in an evangelical church.

The course contains 2 main topics:

  • Art of reading
  • Art of writing

The art of writing is a part of the art of reading. The whole training is divided into two periods: Preparatory and Main Period.

The preparatory period:

Through the lessons the children begin to use concepts such as “sentence”, “word”, “syllable”, “stress”, “wording”, “vowel”, “consonant”, etc.
Most of the preparation period is taken by the analysis of the art of speaking.

In the main/primary period the following tasks are set:

  • learning all the letters of the Russian alphabet
  • reading in syllables, later transitioning to whole words
  • learning to write
  • awakening a passion for reading
  • perfecting their speech!

and this is how you learn…