We wish you a Happy New Year and all the best for 2020!

2020 has begun. 12 months, 52 weeks and 366 days are waiting for us. In this leap year, February has 29 days. We are already very excited about what else the new year has in store for us.
We wish our readers a good transition into the new year and all the best, health and happiness for 2020.

“Pech Kucha II”

On 5.11.2019 we participated in the day of the district integration projects “Pecha Kucha II: How is your project going?”, where we presented our project “The helpful young people of today”. We were very happy to network and to have the opportunity to get to know other Pankow projects that make an important contribution to facilitating the arrival of new Berliners and promoting social cohesion.

On Saturday, November 23rd, our colleagues from the BFD project Club Dialog e.V. interviewed one of our volunteers on our premises. He introduced his place of work and talked about his tasks and experiences.